Production team

Aesthetic Fast is produced by a London-based collective interested in the aesthetics of ethical living and in identifying and enabling non-violent relational forms. Many people have been involved in the varied aspects of the project - too many to name. But here are the core three…

Jen Logan found and directs the project. Jen has an MA in Christianity and the Arts (King’s College London) and is beginning PhD research in religion and performance art studies. 

Stephen Patterson is a plasma physicist (PhD, Imperial College) and video artist with a keen interest in ritual and performance. Stephen is developing the electroforming process for the gallery context and will perform live electroforming in situ.

Rosalind Parker: Rosalind is a doctorate student at King’s College London, in ‘Religion in the public sphere, mediated through the arts’ funded by the London Arts and Humanities Partnership. Rosalind is also a freelance curator and theatre director, having worked on contracts with 3FF, Women’s Interfaith Network, Complicite, Glyndebourne, Opera North, Birmingham REP, and the Royal Opera House. Rosalind has a vast experience in managing public performance. Rosalind manages the project plan.

We are currently inviting key people and organisations to partner with us. If you are interested in joining in, hit us up at